What does Ruderalis mean?

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strawberry cheese autoflower plant
A mature Strawberry Cheese autoflower plant, grown from seed

You may have heard of autoflower seeds and that these are cannabis plants that contain ruderalis. The question is though, what is ruderalis?

Overview of Ruderalis

Ruderalis is a lesser known species of cannabis, different from it’s more famous brethren, cannabis indica and cannabis sativa. Originally thought to be one of the ancestors of the better-known varieties. However, more recently it has been classified as its own species.

Where did it come from?

Ruderalis comes from the eastern region of the world. Mostly growing in parts of Central Asia and parts of Russia. It is a hardy and wild growing plant, favouring some of the rockier regions. These plants are used to higher elevations and high temperatures during the day and the colder temperatures at night.

Physical Characteristics of Ruderalis plants

Ruderalis is mostly famous for it’s auto-flowering properties. This means the plant will flower by itself without outside interference. A grower will not have to change the plant’s light cycle. This makes things easier for growers who may be inexperienced or with divided attention. This characteristic has led breeders to cross breed into other strains to create autoflower strains.

Ruderalis plants have their own characteristics. They are smaller and stockier plants, in some cases looking like miniature Indica strains. They grow to around 2-3 feet tall at their tallest, with a lesser number of side-branches and narrower leaves.

These physical limitations lead to a smaller yield overall in comparison to indica and sativa. They also can’t be vegged like a normal plant. They will autoflower when they feel like it, not when prompted.

Due to their small size, they are ideal for limited space grows. If the grower is doing an indoor, limited space grow, ruderalis is ideal.

As mentioned, ruderalis are autoflowering. They are not a photoperiod species of plant. 3-4 weeks after being germinated and in their growing medium, these plants will begin the flowering process, all without outside influence.

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