Cannabis Seeds in Washington

Washington mountains for Coastal mary cannabis seeds

Washington State is our closest neighbor to our home base in Vancouver. The state was the first in the United States to legalize recreational marijuana. They did this in 2012, beating other states by a few years. In 1971 they decriminalized marijuana use and reduced it to the level of a misdemeanor. They also stopped considering the drug an opiate or a narcotic, a step we believe other states must follow. Marijuana is legal for anyone over the age of 21 and for any use. This was allowed by the passage of Initiative 502.

Medical Cannabis in Washington (State)

Medical marijuana has been fully legalized since 1998. Every citizen can use medical marijuana for medical reasons. A very comprehensive and forward thinking stance. One we fully support.

What seeds to grow in Washington

With weed being fully legal in WA, you can pretty much grow whatever you want. If you’re growing outdoors, you’ll need a tough plant to survive the climate. WA is similar to Vancouver with above average rainfall. Above average rainfall is just a fancy way of saying it rains a lot, even in summer. Thankfully, we have a few strains which meet the criteria. We’ll give you a brief description on two. An indica and a sativa to keep things even.

Firstly, let’s cover the indica.

White Widow feminized Cannabis seeds
White Widow Feminized cannabis plant

White Widow feminized description

Probably the world’s most famous strain, White Widow feminised cannabis seeds are used throughout the world as the benchmark for strains.
High THC but with a good level of CBD, this strain is great for most people.

An indica favouring hybrid, this strain packs quite the punch, perfect for relaxing after a hard day.

And now for the sativa

Green Crack feminized description

Named by Snoop Dogg himself which is high praise. A portion of Green Crack cannabis strain is known for it’s potency and long lasting effects.

Sativa dominant but with a hint of Indica. It’ll relax the body and expand the mind.

Green Crack feminized cannabis plant
Green Crack feminized cannabis plant

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