Cannabis Seeds in Virginia

Virginia landscape for Coastal Mary cannabis seeds

Virginia has very strict restrictions on the use of cannabis. The state does not have a medical program and recreational is strictly illegal. However, possession of a small amount of less than 1 ounce is considered as being for personal use. Governor Ralph Northam has approved a bill in July 2020 to further decriminalize cannabis use. Unfortunately this seems to be held up by the ongoing pandemic.

Medical cannabis in Virginia

Although there is no true medical program, there are steps being taken to establish medical dispensaries for citizens. The wheels of bureaucracy turn slowly but it does seem that positive change is coming.

What seeds to grow in Virginia

Since VA doesn’t have the most forward thinking view of cannabis, a stealth grow may be your best option. We here at Coastal Mary are not lawyers and nothing we say can be taken as legal advice. We just know about seeds and what plants to grow. The rest is on you. We’ll take the risk and ship to you but we can’t guarantee anything else. Hate having to do this but we have to say it. With that out of the way, we do have some strains we can recommend for a sneaky grow. Autoflowers are your friend here and we’ve picked out two for you.

Moby Dick autoflower Feminized
Moby Dick Autoflower Feminized

Moby Dick Autoflower feminized description

Named after one of it’s parents, White Widow, Moby Dick takes that Indica dominant strain and crosses with a Haze.

The end result is one of the best Sativa dominant strains out there. Plenty of kick, this strain will help body and mind.

Blueberry autoflower feminized description

The legendary Blueberry is now here in Autoflower form!

These blueberry seeds are sure to delight.

An Indica dominant strain crossed with Ruderalis for easy growing and speed.

Descended from the original DJ Short bred strain, this strain is almost a right of passage for growers.

World famous for it’s pleasing taste and kick, if you’re new to growing there’s no better starting point.

Blueberry autoflower cannabis plant
An autoflower Blueberry plant from seed

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