Turp Cup 2021




Issue 1

The scoop of the cup

What can we honestly say to express our gratitude? This has been an incredible journey! The @turp_cup 2021/22 event has been so inspiring to watch. Growers of all altitudes, just absolutely crushing our baby. We were lucky enough that www.coastalmary.com handed out the cards with the afterdinners on them for the cup. And a huge shout out to @buzzin_therapeutics for creating and running the @turp_cup page, which included reaching out to sponsors and getting you guys these amazing prizes!! Without these two people it wouldn’t have come to fruition. So don’t thank me, thank them!

Initially the way we decided to rate the cup was by selecting 3 different traits of the Afterdinner Breath F2s, all win equal first place prizes. Then the remaining 7 to create a total of 10 people receiving prizes. However we were going off the number of people who signed up.

That all changed with the amount of samples we received. Since less than 20 people sent in a sample now there is enough prizes for everyone!

For the 3 first place winners get a package including a full starter kit from foop organic biosciences each, their choice of hat from trim bag or remo each, their choice of shirt from trimbag, promix, or Remo, each.

On top of this there is a giant 2 oz cvault cauldron (with a special surprise inside), some stickers, and some terpene time genetics of their choice.

First out of the top three we decided to give to the highest thc count.

@goldenrose6969 absolutely demolished the contest having 2 of her 3 samples beating all of the others by a landslide. Of course only 1 sample was taken into consideration. With a whopping 25.30% THC! Certainly the highest tested sample we have had!

Secondly we decided on highest terpene content.

@alive_garden cam in only 0.27mg/g higher than @kronik_kobold. Both of these guys terpene contents were insanely high compared to the rest of the samples. @alive_garden came in at an amazing 5.42. not sure what hes feeding his plants but that’s a tasty sample!!!

And lastly but certainly not least we have bag appeal.

However since quite a few of the buds were damaged during transport, or vac sealed we decided to judge by the photos you guys have posted. It was a close one, but in the end @bespokegrows took the hammer with this frosty red beautiful plant!!!

Turp Cup Cannabis seeds grow off for Coastal Mary

Grow off rules!

– Grow off beans will be provided by Coastal Mary Seeds with every purchase
– must be Canadian resident ( Americans can still get freebies with purchase)
– Start date for the grow off will be on Halloween this year 2021
– Recommend germination 5ml hydrogen peroxide 20ml water in a shot glass on a heat pad
– Can’t go over 3 gallon Grow pot/bag
– Veg time 4 weeks then flip to flower
– No topping or super cropping (LST only)
– You must post weekly about your grow off grow and tag
– Top 10 will be picked of structure of plant, as well as bud structure and look (size and frostiness)
– Top 10 must be willing to mail out a 1 gram sample of the bud


To be accepted, each participant must email Turp Cup at the email address

[email protected]

Put “Turp Cup” in the subject line and then fill out the info requested.


Use code Buzzin for a 5% discount
Use code Turp_cup for a 10% discount