Turp Cup 2021

Turp Cup Cannabis seeds grow off for Coastal Mary

Grow off rules!

– Grow off beans will be provided by Coastal Mary Seeds with every purchase
– must be Canadian resident ( Americans can still get freebies with purchase)
– Start date for the grow off will be on Halloween this year 2021
– Recommend germination 5ml hydrogen peroxide 20ml water in a shot glass on a heat pad
– Can’t go over 3 gallon Grow pot/bag
– Veg time 4 weeks then flip to flower
– No topping or super cropping (LST only)
– You must post weekly about your grow off grow and tag
– Top 10 will be picked of structure of plant, as well as bud structure and look (size and frostiness)
– Top 10 must be willing to mail out a 1 gram sample of the bud, and a cut. The sample will be used to determine who the winner is!! Top three will get full canna profile testing done on there samples
– The winner will get mentioned on every cross that is made with the winning cut!!!! A chance to be part of history!!!!


To be accepted, each participant must email Turp Cup at the email address


Put “Turp Cup” in the subject line and then fill out the info requested.


Use code Buzzin for a 5% discount
Use code Turp_cup for a 10% discount