Cannabis Seeds in South Dakota

South Dakota Mount Rushmore for Coastal Mary cannabis seeds.

South Dakota does not have legal recreational marijuana currently. However, there is currently a bill up for vote in November 2020. As of October 2020 SD has some of the harshest laws in regards to cannabis. Possession of any amount is a criminal offense and does not make any allowances for amount. Testing positive for cannabis is also considered a misdemeanor.

Medical Marijuana in South Dakota

There is also currently no medical marijuana program. The legislation and vote scheduled for November 2020 also proposes the creation of a medical marijuana program. Initiated Measure 26 is currently what all SD enthusiasts should be concerned about and support. Although not ideal, it’s a first step. The freedom to win future freedom.

What seeds should I buy in South Dakota?

Spoiled for choice here. since there is no medical program yet, a good first step to cannabis acceptance is going with a CBD strain. The amount of people who have previously been anti-cannabis but have come around to accept the medical benefits of cannabis after seeing and using CBD based products is huge. Opening up one person’s mind to the benefits has a snowball effect. This person goes on to tell everyone, a few more people try it and voila!, there’s now a community willing to listen.

For the SD climate we would recommend ACDC feminized seeds. This strain is an indica/sativa hybrid and provides the best of both worlds.

Acdc CBD Feminized
ACDC – CBD Feminized cannabis plant grown from seed

ACDC CBD feminized description

Just like it’s famous namesake, ACDC CBD is a mix of some of the best qualities you can get. A 50-50 hybrid (the best of Sativa and Indica) with High CBD and low THC, this strain won’t lay you out but will soothe your body and mind.

THC: less than 1%

CBD: 18%

Flowering time: 10-12 weeks

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