Cannabis Seeds in Rhode Island

Rhode island coast for Coastal Mary cannabis seeds

Rhode Island has some of the strictest laws in regards to recreational cannabis. The mandatory minimums are harsh with punishments of up to 20 years in prison for possession of over 5kg of cannabis. Despite the best efforts of Regulate RI, legalization efforts have failed. There is some good news though, a renewed push in 2019 is gaining some ground. The Governor is pushing for recreational legalization as she sees it as a possible source of new revenue.

Medical marijuana in Rhode Island

The state has had medical marijuana since 2006. In an interesting twist, the bill passed both the state house and senate but was vetoed by the then Governor. Then the veto was overridden by the legislature.

What seeds to grow in Rhode Island

There a few different strains we can recommend for Rhode Island. We’ve narrowed the list down to two. A feminized strain and an autoflower feminized strain.

We’ll start with the autoflower feminized strain first.

Bruce Banner autoflower feminized cannabis plant
Bruce Banner autoflower feminized cannabis plant

Bruce Banner autoflower feminized description

SMASH!! You’ll definitely feel it when using this autoflower cannabis strain. Named after the comic book character but the effects are all real.

An indica strain that has been bred into autoflower form for easy growing and to avoid people getting angry waiting, this strain is sure to calm the monster inside.

And those looking for a bigger yield, we have a feminized strain called…

Sour Lemon Feminized description

Are you as bitter as we are? Yes? Then we have the strain for you.

Sour Lemon is a Sativa dominant Cannabis strain which has a very unique taste. Citrus like but not too sour. A nice sharpness to help wake up your mind and body. It reminds growers of sour candy.

Sour Lemon feminzed plant
Sour Lemon Feminized Plant

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