Refund policy

Our policy is as follows.

  1. If germination has failed, we will offer replacements of that strain or another strain of the customers choice. Our germination guidelines must be followed at all time.
  2. If germination for the initial batch and for the replacements has failed and we are satisfied the customer has followed all our germination steps to the best of their ability a refund will be offered.
  3. Payment shall be refunded to the initial payment method.
  4. Customers have 90 days from the initial purchase to report problems.
  5. We will not request product returns.
  6. Refund requests must be sent to [email protected]
  7. Giveaways or promotional packs are not subject to this policy and will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

We stand by our products and want to ensure our customers have a good experience with us. For any questions or concerns please contact us via email or the livechat on our website.

-Coastal Mary Team