XXTurpene Time – STD Cookie Cake -5 Pack (F)


This unique combination of Strawberry Diesel Cookies (bred by Oni Seeds) and an all time favorite of the canna community (which we reversed) – urinal cake (bred by Thug Pug) has created a very stable, heavy yielding, short, bushy plant with fat chunky nugs, wreaking of a sweet, fruity, skunky gas that is absolutely coated in resin and trichomes. Not to mention how intense the purple fade gets the later you get into

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks
Yield: Indoor – large Outdoor – very large

Terpene profile: skunky, sweet, fruity, gassy.

Effects: this hybrid hits you with a very heavy head high at first which then smoothly fades away into a very euphoric body buzz. Great for your morning or early afternoon medicine. Medicating too late with this diesel and you might rather do stuff around the house than sleep… which isnt always a bad thing.

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