Laughing Hyena – Lil Mobstar – 5 Pack (A)


Lil’ MOBStar
Description from Laughing Hyena
The goal for this strain was to preserve the original traits from both photoperiod parents with a nice twist by crossing it with a great Auto leaning Sativa strain. We were fortunate enough to come across a green pheno of M.O.B, which we found slightly more potent than the dominant purple pheno. The outcome was a heavy sedative strain, crossing it with Blue Dream Auto, gave us the perfect synergy. Although an Indica leaning strain, expect a head to toe high.
LineageM.O.B (HIghrise seeds) x Sensi Star (Paradise Seeds) x Blue Dream Auto (Humboldt Seed Organization)
Seed to Harvest70 – 80 days indoors
PotencyVery potent

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