Laughing Hyena – 99 Skunks – 3 Pack (A)


99 Skunks

Description from Laughing Hyena

PeakSeedsBC is a humble but amazing breeder. We decided to use his SS99 strain and cross it with HighRise’s fast finishing AutoFire99. Phenos will show variations of sweet, spicy with some phenos being extremely skunky. Heavy characteristics from SS99 are shown in the 99 Skunks.  Euphoric and uplifting terpene profile, and very strong.  Great for the daytime. This is one of our most potent strains.
LineageSS99 (PeakSeedsBC) x AutoFire99 (HighRise Seeds)
Seed to Harvest80 – 95 days
PotencyVery potent

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