Butterbean – Blue Lemonade – 5 Pack (A)


Parents:  Blue Glue Auto x Lemon Scoops Auto

Height: Up to 1m.

Time: 80 – 85 days.

Tested at 27% THC

We are flavour savers at heart and during an in-office smoke session we thought it would be a fantastic idea to recreate our favorite summer time drink by taking our best selling blue glue auto strain and pairing it with our most requested Lost Ark edition , Lemon scoops auto to create a crazy delicious terpene profile. Both of the parents have exceptional growth rates and flavour profiles that out-compete their peers. Many of the buds will interestingly enough exhibit a bluish hue which was a welcomed freak addition to this breeding project. You can look forward to an interesting combination of blueberry gas and sweet lemonade.

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