Cannabis Seeds in Oregon

Oregon farmland for Coastal mary cannabis seeds

Oregon has long been one of the most forward thinking states when it comes to cannabis. They have legalized both recreational and medical marijuana and were one of the first states to do so. In 1973, the state was the first in the US to decriminalize marijuana, reducing offenses to nothing more than a fine-worthy offense.

Medical Marijuana in Oregon

The medical marijuana act was introduced and passed in 1998. Patients with a history of certain illnesses and the recommendation of a doctor were allowed to register and possess up to 1.5 pounds of cannabis for personal use.

What seeds to grow in Oregon?

Maybe a better question would be, what would you like to grow in OR? Although indica strains are popular, sativas are more in demand. With that in mind, we’re going to recommend two sativa strains for you. Both are feminized but firstly, one is a feminized photoperiod and secondly, the other is a feminized autoflower.

Let’s get to the feminized.

Sour Lemon feminzed plant
Sour Lemon Feminized Plant

Sour Lemon Feminized description

Are you as bitter as we are? Yes? Then we have the strain for you.

Sour Lemon is a Sativa dominant Cannabis strain which has a very unique taste. Citrus like but not too sour. A nice sharpness to help wake up your mind and body.

And now for the feminized autoflower. These autos are faster growing plants with the disadvantage of less yield and inability to clone.

Gelato autoflower feminized description

The new kid on the block. Gelato Cannabis is named after the sweet taste of gelato ice cream.

Sativa dominant to bring feelings of euphoria but it won’t leave you with an ice-cream headache.

Gelato Autoflower Feminized cannabis plant
Gelato Autoflower Feminized cannabis plant

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