Cannabis Seeds in Ohio

Ohio city for Coastal Mary Cannabis seeds

Ohio still has not legalized recreational marijuana but their decriminalization is one of the most generous. Citizens are allowed to possess cannabis in quantities of up to 100 grams. This quantity is classed as a minor misdemeanor and therefore subject to a fine of up to $150 dollars. Larger quantities are subject to larger fines, 200-300 grams has a $250 dollar fine. Several cities such as Toledo and Dayton have also decriminalized further.

Medical marijuana in Ohio

Legal medical marijuana has been available since 2016 but sales did not start until 2019. Governor John Kasich signed the bill into law in June 2016.

What seeds to grow in Ohio

OH tends to favor indica strains over sativas. Indicas are good for a body stone and help the body relax and are recommended for pain management and as a sleep aid. We have a range of seeds covering Feminized, autoflower and CBD strains, all indica dominant. You could go with White Widow or Alien Gorilla Glue, but we want to switch things up a bit.

We’ve got two strains to recommend for you. One is a feminized photo-period and the second is a feminized autoflower.

First, let’s do the feminized strain. Let’s go for a real taste of Canada with Maple Leaf Feminized.

Maple Leaf Feminized cannabis plant
Maple Leaf feminized cannabis plant grown from seed

Maple Leaf feminized description

O Canada, our home and stoner land. The quintessential Canadian strain. A sweet tasting Indica dominant strain but with enough kick to remind you where it came from.

Secondly, the feminized autoflower. We’re gonna go with the tasty and filling Strawberry Cheesecake autoflower.

Strawberry Cheesecake autoflower description

A sweet tasting Cannabis strain, perfect for those quieter evenings where you just want to relax.

In Autoflower form so it’s easy to grow, you won’t have any issues with this strain.

strawberry cheese autoflower plant
A mature Strawberry Cheese autoflower plant, grown from seed

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