November Legalisation efforts in the USA

This November is an important time for the US and important for legalization efforts as well. The Presidential election will be held and we encourage everyone to get out and vote. However, there is an issue up for a vote that is closer to our hearts. Five states will be voting on whether or not to legalise Marijuana, joining the 11 states which have already legalised. Below is a look at the five states voting on legal cannabis this November.

If you’re a resident of these states please vote YES on these measures. If you know someone in these states, please encourage them to vote YES.

The Five States

The five states in question are, Arizona, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana and Mississippi. We’ll go into them in a little more detail

Arizona efforts

Proposition 207 is the current inititive to legalise marijuana in the state. 4 years ago, legalisation was narrowly defeated but this time the momentum seems to be swinging towards a yes.

New Jersey Legalization

Public Question No.1 would legalise marijuana for those who are 21 or older. Not only would legalisation be a boon to the economy of NJ but it would also be a stepping stone to bolster legalisation in the neighbouring states of New York and Pennsylvania.

South Dakota Legalization

Measure 26 is a double barrel plan. It would legalise both recreational and medical programs in one fell swoop. This approach is a little unusual as normally states have a medical program in place before recreational.

Montana Legalization

Montana also has two initiatives on the cards. Ballot issue I-190

would legalise marijuana for adult use and set the legal age at 21.

Mississippi Legalization

Has two competing initiatives. Initiative 65 which was brought by the citizens of Mississippi and Initiative 65A: the goverment alternative.

Of the two, Initiative 65 would offer more freedom, with a range of conditions being covered. 65A would restrict use to those who are terminally ill.

2 thoughts on “November Legalisation efforts in the USA

  1. Matthew Stump says:

    I just got an email from you concerning the legislation going onto the ballots this year, I am a grower from Montana. All of the local growers, providers, dispensaries, etc… are encouraging the local populace and our customers to vote NO on the legislation because it was brought in by out-of-state big money donors who were not invited into our state. Above and beyond that they are trying to take over our industry with sweeping new changes that we did not ask for and are unwarranted. They will completely destroy our industry like they have done in many other states if they succeed.

    It is no less than just inviting RJ Reynolds to mosey on in and take control. Either you are in on it with them, or have no checked into the veracity of the story…

    • Coastal Mary Team says:

      Thank you for this important perspective. We don’t often see things up close. We’re not in bed with RJ Reynolds and had to google to find out more. The articles I researched for this don’t mention RJ either. Probably by design.

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