Cannabis Seeds in North Carolina

North Carolina with USA flag for coastal mary cannabis seeds

North Carolina is another one of the strict states who haven’t expanded their thinking since originally banning cannabis. There is a token amount of decriminalization, which was enacted in the 70’s. This reduces the penalties for small amounts. Sadly, there is no recreational program and an extremely limited medical program.

Medical Marijuana in North Carolina

CBD oil has been legalized for the treatment of epileptic seizures. Law HB766 was passed in 2015. With endorsement from the Governor, the bill sailed through the legislature with winning votes of 112-22 and 47-0. Although this is a good first step, the law does not provide instructions on how to import or obtain CBD oil.

What seeds to grow in North Carolina

With the restrictions in NC, you won’t be able to find a dispensary and so the best option is to grow your own. We have a wealth of options and have fast and discreet shipping to your state. Packages come with tracking. With all that in mind, there are several strains we would like to recommend.

Firstly, here’s a feminized strain that will do well in NC. The semi-legendary Green Crack Feminized.

Green Crack feminized cannabis plant
Green Crack feminized cannabis plant

Green Crack Feminized description

Named by Snoop Dogg himself which is high praise. A portion of Green Crack cannabis strain is known for it’s potency and long lasting effects.

Sativa dominant but with a hint of Indica. It’ll relax the body and expand the mind.

And secondly, let’s cover the autoflower strain.

Bruce Banner autoflower feminized description

SMASH!! You’ll definitely feel it when using this autoflower cannabis strain. Named after the comic book character but the effects are all real.

An indica strain that has been bred into autoflower form for easy growing and to avoid people getting angry waiting, this strain is sure to calm the monster inside.

Bruce Banner autoflower feminized cannabis plant
Bruce Banner autoflower feminized cannabis plant

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