Cannabis Seeds in New York

New York for Coastal Mary cannabis seeds

New York state is surprisingly behind the times when it comes to cannabis. Recreational is illegal but has been decriminalized in many places all over the state. NYC continues to dominate when it comes to blazing a trail and in 2018 Mayor Bill DeBlasio instructed the NYPD not to arrest for small amounts of marijuana but to issue tickets instead. Not ideal but a good stopgap until full legalization. Governor Andrew Cuomo was pushing for full state wide legalization but the 2020 pandemic has put all these plans on hold.

Medical Marijuana in New York State

In 2014, Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the Medical Marijuana bill which legalized medical cannabis for a range of conditions. Further expansions occurred in 2016 and 2019. The medical cannabis program tends to keep pace with the times, which is way too unusual and should be standard.

What seeds to grow in New York

There are several seeds that will do well in NY. In fact, one of the largest cannabis plants we’ve seen evidence of comes from there. A grower in NY state grew a white widow plant. He actually grew 5 plants but decided to keep one as an on-going project. He looked after it and babied it until it became a monster. The final height is an amazing 16 feet. It’s become less a plant and more a tree. We had to check the pics for photoshop.

White Widow feminized Cannabis seeds
White Widow Feminized cannabis plant

White Widow Feminized description

Probably the world’s most famous strain, White Widow feminised cannabis seeds are used throughout the world as the benchmark for strains.
High THC but with a good level of CBD, this strain is great for most people.

An indica favouring hybrid, this strain packs quite the punch, perfect for relaxing after a hard day.

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