Cannabis Seeds in New Jersey

New jersey boardwalk for cannabis seeds and Coastal Mary

New Jersey currently has medical marijuana and is voting in November 2020 on whether or not to legalize recreational cannabis. Polls are looking good with figures of 58% for legalization being reported. Currently, you can be arrested in state for possession but few first time offenders get into serious trouble or serve jail time.

Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

Medical cannabis was signed into law by outgoing Governor Jon Corzine in 2010. Called the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act it allowed cannabis treatment for a range of conditions including cancer and seizure disorder. It’s one of the strictest medical marijuana program in the US and is hampered by high costs because of taxes and these restrictions.

What seeds to grow in New Jersey

There are strains we recommend for NJ and in fact we can recommend each of our CBD strains, which are suitable for growing there. We’re going to run through them each here. Firstly, ACDC feminized CBD. Secondly,CBD Kush autoflower feminized. Thirdly, Harlequin CBD feminized seeds. In conclusion, CBD is the way to go.

Acdc CBD Feminized
ACDC – CBD Feminized cannabis plant grown from seed

ACDC CBD Feminized description

Just like it’s famous namesake, ACDC CBD is a mix of some of the best qualities you can get. A 50-50 hybrid (the best of Sativa and Indica) with High CBD and low THC, this strain won’t lay you out but will soothe your body and mind.

CBD Kush Feminized autoflower

An Autoflower CBD strain for those new to growing or looking for something faster. With a nice even 1:1 ratio mix it provides the best of both worlds.

CBD Kush feminized cannabis plant
CBD Kush feminized cannabis plant
Harlequin CBD feminized cannabis plant
Harlequin CBD Feminized cannabis plant

Harlequin CBD feminized description

One of the most famous High CBD/Low THC strains out there. This 75% Sativa Cannabis Strain is renowned for the positive effects it has on Body and Mind.

The low THC means you won’t experience a buzz but with the High CBD you’ll receive all the other positive effects.

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