Buy Cannabis Seeds in New Brunswick

Where to buy the best seeds in New Brunswick?

So you are looking for cannabis seeds in New Brunswick. Look no further than Coastal Mary Seeds. We can help you out with your need for seed as well as answer any questions you have about our auto flower, feminised and CBD seeds which come from only the finest growers around the world.

Our prices are some of the best you will see in north america. If not let us know and we will cut you a deal. Reach out to us by email or the chat feature and we will get back to you asap.

What does the medical community say about Cannabis?

Medical cannabis can be used for pain management and helps alleviate many different types of health conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis which can cause inflammation, stiffness and can be very painful. Cannabidiol (CBD) and Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) can be found in the flowering buds of the female cannabis plant. CBD and THC act on cannabinoid receptors in the body. When these receptors are activated, inflammatory and pain responses may be reduced.

Cannabis laws in New Brunswick?

Marijuana in New Brunswick became legal for recreational use when the Cannabis Act went into force across the country on 2018. Proposed new laws in the province included limiting adults to carrying 30 grams of cannabis (with no limit inside the home), and requiring that cannabis in the home be stored in a locked container or room. The minimum age to use, buy, grow or possess cannabis for recreational use is 19. Cannabis must not be consumed in a public place or in a motor vehicle, whether it’s moving or not.

A household may grow up to four plants. Purchases may can made through this site. We will make sure to deliver you the finest seeds for your bud!

What are the best seeds and strains?

First time growers should try autoflowering strains. These plants flower automatically and they are relatively easy to grow and tough to accidentally kill. They normally take about 12 weeks to go from seed to harvest. The plant is small and gives smaller yields of bud but it does grow a lot faster than the rest. They are perfect if you dont have much room to work with and excellent for indoors during the winter.

Two of our most popular auto-flowers are Blueberry Autoflower and Moby Dick Autoflower.

Need greater strength of CBD or THC? We recommend our feminised seeds. These require more care and flowering time than the autoflower but produce a much higher yield of bud. They usually take 4-6 weeks on the vegatative phase and then 8-12 weeks on the flowering phase.

Our best selling feminised seeds are Green Crack and White Widow.

Indica or Sativa? Do you want to chill in a couch or have energy and be creative for the next few hours. Coastal Mary has you covered. Contact us through chat or email us with your questions about seed choice or growing. We will be more than happy to help.

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