Cannabis Seeds in Nevada

Nevada desert for Coastal Mary cannabis seeds

Nevada is legal for both recreational and medical cannabis. Recreational was legalized in 2017 and the medical program has been around since 2000. Some restrictions still apply. For example, growers cannot grow within 25 miles of a licensed dispensary, although enforcement of this remains difficult if the grower is discreet.

Medical Marijuana in Nevada

Medical cannabis was legalized in 2000 with the passing of the Medical Marijuana act with almost 60% of the vote. The program is currently used for a variety of ailments that include AIDs and cancer. Nevada also recognizes medical marijuana cards from other states to appeal to the tourists which visit. So if you go there on vacation, don’t forget to bring your card.

What seeds to grow in Nevada

We have a couple of suggestions for you, an autoflower and a full photoperiod strain.

For the autoflower we recommend

strawberry cheese autoflower plant
A mature Strawberry Cheese autoflower plant, grown from seed

Strawberry Cheesecake auto description

A sweet tasting Cannabis strain, perfect for those relaxing evenings where you just want to relax.

In Autoflower form so it’s easy to grow, you won’t have any issues with this strain.

And for the feminized strain we would recommend

Sour Lemon Feminized description

Are you as bitter as we are? Yes? Then we have the strain for you.

Sour Lemon is a Sativa dominant Cannabis strain which has a very unique taste. Citrus like but not too sour. A nice sharpness to help wake up your mind and body.

Sour Lemon feminzed plant
Sour Lemon Feminized Plant

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