Cannabis Seeds in Nebraska

Nebraska plains for Coastal Mary cannabis seeds

Nebraska has no legal recreational or medicinal programs. Although against the law to possess cannabis, your first offense is treated as a civil infraction instead of as a crime. The state is also known for having hemp plants growing wild. These plants contain small amounts of THC and are commonly referred to as ditch weed or locally as “Nebraska Nonsense”

Medical Marijuana in Nebraska

There is no current medical marijuana program in the state. In 2015, the Cannabis care and compassion act was introduced as bill LB643 but although it initially won the vote, it was filibustered before becoming law. However, dispensaries have started popping up as people are fighting back. It’s only a matter of time before NE catches up with the other states.

What seeds to grow in Nebraska

This is a state where we would recommend a CBD strain. We have two that we would like to recommend. As things change, we will update this page and keep it up to date. We will send autoflower, feminized and CBD seeds to NE with no issues, but for this article we are recommending…

Harlequin CBD feminized cannabis plant
Harlequin CBD Feminized cannabis plant

Harlequin Feminized CBD seeds description

One of the most famous High CBD/Low THC strains out there. This 75% Sativa Cannabis Strain is renowned for the positive effects it has on Body and Mind.

The low THC means you won’t experience a buzz but with the High CBD you’ll receive all the other positive effects.

And we would also like to recommend..

CBD Kush autoflower description

An Autoflower CBD strain for those new to growing or looking for something faster. With a nice even 1:1 ratio mix it provides the best of both worlds.

CBD Kush feminized cannabis plant
CBD Kush feminized cannabis plant

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