Cannabis Seeds in Montana

Montana landscape for Coastal Mary Cannabis seeds

Montana is in the early stages of legalization. Recreational marijuana is still illegal but is on this November ballot (2020). We covered the basics on the legislation here in this blog. The measure, called I-190, has backing from the Marijuana Policy Project.

Medical Marijuana in Montana

Medical marijuana has been legal in the state since 2004 and furthermore was greatly expanded in 2016. Originally, providers were severely limited to three patients. The 2016 Bill, I-182, got rid of this limitation and allowed providers to service more than three patients. The rule was arbitrary and stupid and so we’re glad it’s gone.

What seeds to grow in Montana

With it’s wide open spaces, there’s plenty of room to grow your own supply. For MT how about a two pronged approach? This approach id for outdoor growing. You have the time and the space to grow something big and to have a feeder crop of autoflowers while you wait for the main crop to finish. In that way we recommend a feminized strain and an autoflower.

For the feminized, we would recommend Maple Leaf feminized.

Here’s a little about it.

Maple Leaf Feminized cannabis plant
Maple Leaf feminized cannabis plant grown from seed

Maple Leaf Feminized description

O Canada, our home and stoner land. The quintessential Canadian strain. A sweet tasting Indica dominant strain but with enough kick to remind you where it came from.

THC: 21%

CBD: 0.5%

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

That covers the feminized and for the autoflower we recommend Bruce Banner autoflower. This is an indica autoflower and will finish before your main crop.

Bruce Banner auto description

SMASH!! You’ll definitely feel it when using this autoflower cannabis strain. Named after the comic book character but the effects are all real.

An indica strain that has been bred into autoflower form for easy growing and to avoid people getting angry waiting, this strain is sure to calm the monster inside.

THC: 22%


Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

Bruce Banner autoflower feminized cannabis plant
Bruce Banner autoflower feminized cannabis plant

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