Cannabis Seeds in Minnesota

Minnesota forest for Coastal Mary Seeds

Minnesota does not have recreational cannabis. However, during the decriminalization wave in the 1970’s, MN followed suit and reduced the punishment for amounts less than 42.5 grams to that of a petty misdemeanor. There have been several attempts to legalize fully but each attempt has been shot down before it really got off the ground. The most recent attempt was in 2019 with the legalization bill. Unfortunately, this bill did not pass due to lack of legislature support.

Medical Marijuana in Minnesota

There is a medical cannabis program currently in place. In 2014 the Governor, Mark Dayton signed a bill allowing cannabis for the treatment of multiple serious illnesses. Originally starting with 9, the number of conditions has expanded through the years.

What seeds should I grow in MN?

There are a lot of good choices for growing in MN. Good growing conditions and land allow you an abundance of riches when it comes to cultivation. however, there is one strain we would like to recommend as it’s one of our best growers in the state. This strain is Moby Dick autoflower. As the name suggests, this is an autoflower strain with an indica dominance. With one of the most famous parents in the world, it has a lot to live up to. Thankfully, it reaches those high levels.

Moby Dick autoflower Feminized
Moby Dick Autoflower Feminized

Moby Dick auto description

Named after one of it’s parents, White Widow, Moby Dick takes that Indica dominant strain and crosses with a Haze.

The end result is one of the best Sativa dominant strains out there. Plenty of kick, this strain will help body and mind.

THC: 21%

CBD: 0.5%

Flowering Time: 8-9 Weeks

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