Cannabis Seeds in Massachusetts

Massachusetts coast line for Coastal Mary cannabis seeds

Massachusetts has a good setup with medical and recreational use of cannabis being legal. Marijuana was originally decriminalized in 2008 with the passing of Ballot question 2. With this success, efforts moved on to legalize medical marijuana which was successful in 2012 and then finally to legalize recreational which finally happened in 2016. All in all, a fairly fast turnaround in comparison to other states.

Medical Marijuana in Massachusetts

In 2012 the Medical Marijuana Initiative was passed with 63% of the vote. The law authorized the consumption and possession of marijuana and eliminated penalties for possession. Some of the illnesses included in the medical bill are glaucoma, cancer and epilepsy. Dispensaries were established and experienced some pushback from towns. The state government finally ruled that dispensaries can not be banned, only regulated.

Favorite seeds in MS

Due to it’s geographic location and climate, lots of strains will do great when growing outdoors. Sativas, which traditionally have longer flowering times will thrive there and indica seeds can be grown all summer.
One of the most popular strains there is Alien Gorilla Glue (Personal favorite name) . This is an indica dominant strain which is out of this world. Crossbred from Alien OG and Gorilla Glue No4 to create something new and enthralling. It takes the best qualities from its’ parents and does something completely new. We have it in its feminized form and increased it’s stability to eliminate hermies.

Alien Gorilla Glue feminized cannabis plant
Alien Gorilla Glue feminized cannabis plant

Alien Gorilla Glue Description

With a name like Alien Gorilla Glue you know you’re onto something special. This Indica dominant cannabis strain is a cross between Alien OG and Gorilla Glue.

Moderate to grow and providing a big yield and a lot of kick, this strain is perfect for people who want something a little different
THC: 23%

CBD: 0.3%

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

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