Buy Cannabis Seeds in Manitoba

Where to buy the best seeds in Manitoba?

Manitoba is famous for it’s natural beauty. It has lots of farmland in the south, which is perfect for growing cannabis seeds and has a climate good for all types. It sits right in the middle of Canada and its no surprise hybrids are popular there.

Coastal Mary carries a wide variety of seeds. Choosing the correct Sativa or Indica strain for your region and for your own use can be a challenge. We’re here to help and you can contact us via live chat on our webpage or email us for help.

Choosing the right seeds for you?

Are you a beginner? Then we recommend an autoflowering strain. These plants flower automatically and are relatively easy to grow. These plants are also highly resilient and tough. Autoflowers take roughly 12 weeks from seed to harvest. Autos are smaller plants and do tend to have lower yields.

Two of our most popular auto-flowers are Blueberry Autoflower and Moby Dick Autoflower. Blueberry has a long tradition of being grown in Manitoba and is famous in the region.

For more advanced growers or THC, we recommend our feminised seeds. These require more care and flowering time than an autoflower and produce a much higher yield of bud. They take 4-6 weeks vegging time and then 8-12 weeks flowering time . You will also induce flowering manually.

The two most popular feminised seeds for Manitoba are Green Crack and White Widow. They thrive in the region and can become monsters. Heights of over 10 foot have been reported. This is outdoor growing and you may prefer indoor.

The medical benefits of Cannabis

Medical cannabis can be used for pain management and helps alleviate many different types of health conditions.

Conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis cause inflammation, stiffness and can be very painful.

CBD and THC act on cannabinoid receptors in the body. When these receptors are activated, inflammatory and pain responses may be reduced.

Manitoba has good growing conditions, so any one of our CBD strains will do well. It comes down to what you prefer and your personal taste. Do you prefer a sativa or an indica? Perhaps a mix of both.

What are the laws about growing cannabis (Marijuana) plants in Manitoba?

Adults 19 and older are allowed to grow four plants. The limit is based on household. If you live alone or with other family members, only 4 plants are allowed. The limit is based on household and not individuals.

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