Cannabis Seeds in Maine

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Maine has both recreational marijuana and medical marijuana. Although originally prohibited in 1913, possession of small amounts was decriminalized in 1976, one of the earliest states. Full legalization, allowing citizens to possess and to grow marijuana, even if not a medical patient occurred in 2016. Legalization was due to the passing of Maine Question 1 which passed by a narrow margin but has since gained more support.

Medical Marijuana in Maine

Medical cannabis has been legal since November 1999 when 62% of the population voted in favor of legalization. This was a far better margin than Question 1 (linked above) and has proved very popular in the state.

What seeds to grow in Maine

ME has a wealth of dispensaries, each selling a multitude of strains. ME seems to have a sweet tooth and favor more candy-like strains. The dispensaries carry the stalwarts of Girl Scout Cookies and Gorilla Glue but we want to focus on one of the lesser known strains.

The strain we recommend is, Blueberry autoflower feminized. As the name says, this strain gets its name from the blueberry taste. It’s an autoflower so fast and easy to grow as well as being feminized. Feminized means no need to worry about male plants.

Blueberry autoflower cannabis plant
An autoflower Blueberry plant from seed

Blueberry autoflower feminized description

The legendary Blueberry is now here in Autoflower form!

These blueberry seeds are sure to delight.

An Indica dominant strain crossed with Ruderalis for easy growing and speed.

Descended from the original DJ Short bred strain, this strain is almost a right of passage for growers.

World famous for it’s pleasing taste and kick, if you’re new to growing there’s no better starting point.

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