Cannabis Seeds in Iowa

Cannabis seeds in Iowa farmland for Coastal Mary Seeds

Iowa has still not legalized recreational cannabis but has legalized medical marijuana, but with some restrictions. This is unusual as the state has been trying to decriminalize marijuana since the 1970’s. Possession of cannabis is still considered a misdemeanor crime and subject to arrest unlike other states where a fine is issued. The last attempt in 2014 also ended in failure.

Medical marijuana in Iowa

Some parts of medical marijuana are legal in Iowa. CBD oil is allowed for certain conditions as long as the THC is under 3%. Senate bill 2360 allowed this in 2014. This led to further expansions for CBD oil being used for a larger number of ailments.

We wrote a blog on how to create your own CBD oil from a CBD plant. If you’re interested, you can follow that link and learn one method for creation. There are other methods but we find this one is the easiest for the average person. It doesn’t require expensive tools or techniques and can be done easily at home.

Of course to create the CBD oil, you have to grow a CBD plant. We’ve got you covered there as we can ship (stealth) CBD heavy seeds to you in the state.
Below, we’ve outlined two of those strains.

Acdc CBD Feminized
ACDC – CBD Feminized cannabis plant grown from seed

ACDC CBD feminized seeds

Just like it’s famous namesake, ACDC CBD is a mix of some of the best qualities you can get. A 50-50 hybrid (the best of Sativa and Indica) with High CBD and low THC, this strain won’t lay you out but will soothe your body and mind.

CBD: 18%

THC: 1%

Flowering time: 10-12 weeks

Harlequin Feminized CBD

One of the most famous High CBD/Low THC strains out there. This 75% Sativa Cannabis Strain is renowned for the positive effects it has on Body and Mind.

The low THC means you won’t experience a buzz but with the High CBD you’ll receive all the other positive effects.

CBD: 18%

THC: 1%

Flowering time: 10-12 weeks

Harlequin CBD feminized cannabis plant
Harlequin CBD Feminized cannabis plant

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