How to Germinate our seeds

This is our preferred method of germination for each type of seed you wish to grow: CBD, autoflower or feminized.

Seeds need three things during germination.
They specifically need heat, air flow and moisture. Follow the method below and you should have no problems.


Germination Step One – Soaking

Place the seeds in a glass with natural spring water. DO NOT USE tap water, RO water or any other type of water.

IMPORTANT: We’ve found adding a drop of peroxide to the water can help germination if you’re having trouble.

Let them soak for 15 hours. The seeds will float at first and sink as they become saturated. They won’t sink straight away so don’t get discouraged. You can push them down but it’s better to wait around 4 hours before doing this.

Germination Step Two – Paper Towel

Take a paper towel, free from dyes and perfumes, place it on a plate and add the seeds from the glass. Use some water to moisten the paper towel.
You don’t want the towel too wet. The seeds should be kept damp but not swimming.

Step Three – Heat & Darkness

Keep the seeds in a warm, dark room which has a good airflow. Don’t put them in a drawer and if placing them in a closet, keep the door open to allow airflow. Keep the seeds warm and periodically check the seeds to make sure they do not dry out. This is a crucial step so be vigilant!

And finally Step Four

The seeds will develop tap roots within 2-3 days. Transfer them to plain potting soil. DO NOT USE ANYTHING HIGH IN NUTRIENTS. Soil with high level of nutrients can be too harsh for the seedlings. This can cause the seedlings to “burnout”. Be gentle with them at first for the best results.

Here’s a link to some other methods if you’re still having trouble but you shouldn’t need to.

5 thoughts on “Germination

  1. stacyritchie33 says:

    This is exactly how I germinate my seeds , And last time I germinated 16 seeds ,And got 16 plants growing as we are texting now,By this method!!!!!!!

  2. hubick says:

    We’ve always just popped the seed directly into their forever home and had great results!

    • Eugene Chernosky says:

      I go down the middle of the road here…soak them for 15 hours, then go to their forever home…ie skip the paper towel.

  3. bobdood65 says:

    I scuff with sandpaper then soak the seeds in spring water for 24 hrs then into the forever home. 18 for 18 with this method. I am a total amateur and easiest for newbies. Tried paper towel and was 1 for 3 so went simple, less steps and germ within 3-5 days sprout out of ground.

  4. Richard Schrettner says:

    I grow hydroponically, I place the seeds in the water till I get a tail. About two to three days, then I place in Rockwood, wait for roots to show, then place in grow tent following proper lighting guidelines. Doing it this way for fourteen years.

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