Cannabis Seeds in Delaware

Delaware city for Coastal Mary cannabis seeds

Delaware does not have a legal recreational cannabis program. Still technically illegal, small amounts for personal use have been decriminalized. If you’re caught with marijuana, you won’t go to prison but will be subject to fines which increase after each offense.

Medical marijuana in Delaware.

Although there is no recreational program, there is a legal medical marijuana program. Medical was legalized in 2011 thanks to the DMMA (Delaware Medical Marijuana Act)

The DMMA allows people with certain serious conditions to use medical marijuana as a treatment. However, even legal patients have struggled to obtain their medicine, often paying high prices for substandard product. To help counteract that situation, here we’re advising you on which CBD seeds to buy and grow. Having people struggle just to obtain their medicine does not sit well with us and therefore we’re determined to make the ordering process as easy as possible. Every order we send to the US comes stealth shipped and with tracking. Right now, we have a 99% success rate which is better than others in this industry.

Which CBD seeds to grow in Delaware?

Although we have several choices to choose from, there is one that stands out more than the rest. The strain is called ACDC feminized CBD seeds. Not named after the famous band but the electrical system as it is a hybrid with the best of both worlds. Here’s a brief description and overview

Acdc CBD Feminized
ACDC – CBD Feminized cannabis plant grown from seed

ACDC Feminized CBD description

Just like it’s famous namesake, ACDC CBD is a mix of some of the best qualities you can get. A 50-50 hybrid (the best of Sativa and Indica) with High CBD and low THC, this strain won’t lay you out but will soothe your body and mind.

CBD: 18%

THC: 1%

Flowering time: 10-12 weeks

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