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Keep up to date with cannabis legalization news

Legalization is one of the big topics that effects the cannabis world and industry. Here you will find articles on the latest happenings from all over the world.

British medical journal says it’s time to legalize.

British scientists have called for marijuana legalization.Article originally appeared here British Attitudes towards cannabis products for medicinal use need to change with much greater appropriate use of such products to help alleviate patients’ pain, suggests research published in the journal British MJ Open. Researchers found that hundreds of thousands of British and UK patients […]

Joe Biden and legalization

Article originally appeared here: Just in case you needed the reminder, Election Day is now just 44 days away. Amid the chaos that’s been the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, tens of millions of Americans around the country will soon head to their local voting booths or mail in their ballots to determine the […]

November Legalisation efforts in the USA

This November is an important time for the US and important for legalization efforts as well. The Presidential election will be held and we encourage everyone to get out and vote. However, there is an issue up for a vote that is closer to our hearts. Five states will be voting on whether or not […]

One cure for an ailing American economy: Legalize cannabis

Legalize cannabis and collect the tax revenue. This article was originally published here: © Getty America’s next president will face an unprecedented array of challenges, chief among them an economy in ruins and an ugly social divide. Having served in government for nearly three decades, including as Senate majority leader, I know that there’s […]

US falling behind in legalisation

Cannabis legalization is spreading its roots globally. Uruguay was the first country to fully legalize recreational marijuana in 2013. Canada became the second country to legalize marijuana in 2018. Many other countries have followed suit. However, the legality of medical and recreational marijuana varies for different countries. The US still hasn’t made a decision about […]

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