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This section is for information articles. These articles can include news about the industry, what the big players are up to, articles about Cannabis and more serious topics.

Can Cannabis help the immune system?

Article originally appeared here: Cannabis is celebrated for the benefits it offers in the management of certain medical conditions. As awareness around cannabis grows, consumers are becoming better versed in the therapeutic potential of cannabinoids in the treatment of specific autoimmune diseases, inflammation, and gastrointestinal disorders.  But how does cannabis affect the immune system […]

November Legalisation efforts in the USA

This November is an important time for the US and important for legalization efforts as well. The Presidential election will be held and we encourage everyone to get out and vote. However, there is an issue up for a vote that is closer to our hearts. Five states will be voting on whether or not […]

Pot supply dispute leads to $500M lawsuit against Canopy Growth, Canopy Rivers and TerrAscend

Big lawsuit involving some major players. Original article appeared here Some of Canada’s biggest cannabis companies are facing a $500 million lawsuit stemming from a supply dispute between a group of shareholders backing a Leamington, Ont. greenhouse. The lawsuit alleges that Canopy Growth, the firm’s venture arm Canopy Rivers, as well as TerrAscend. and its Canadian subsidiary committed […]

Can Cannabis help the NFL?

How the NFL is beginning to experiment with cannabis. Article originally appeared here: If you haven’t heard, this weekend was big for football. Not only did it mark the first football season since the pandemic, but also the first season since the National Football League amended its labor agreement to cease the suspension of […]

Autoflower. What does it mean?

What does autoflower mean? We discussed autoflowers in our ruderalis blog but in this article we’re going to go a little more in-depth. What is an autoflower Cannabis plant? Nearly all the Cannabis strains you’re familiar with are what’s called photoperiod. This means they rely on a changing light cycle, whether through shorter days and […]

Cannabis users aren’t stereotypical stoners

Cannabis Forest for Coastal Mary

The classic stoner behaviour of getting stoned while sitting on the couch and watching Ren and Stimpy is a myth. The stereotype of the couch-locked stoner is long gone as Canadians are being more productive with their lives while consuming cannabis. Commissioned by cannabis brand Figr, a Maru/Blue survey found 72% of Canadians don’t fit […]

Aurora stocks take a tumble

Aurora. One of the biggest movers and shakers in Canada and how they are screwing up. Article originally appeared here: Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB) stock has been on a terrifying roller coaster since its 2018 debut on the New York Stock Exchange. Since rocketing to a peak enterprise value of $15.7 billion, ACB has since […]

A beginners guide to cannabis seeds

Cannabis Indica Leaf for Coastal Mary Seeds

This isn’t a comprehensive guide, just a small overview. If you’re new to growing your own cannabis seeds, some of the terminology and methods can be confusing. The easiest way to explain the different types is to compare to alcohol. Just as there’s different varieties of alcohol which can be broken down further into types. […]

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