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This section is for information articles. These articles can include news about the industry, what the big players are up to, articles about Cannabis and more serious topics.

New Zealand PM admits to smoking cannabis.

Story originally appeared here: Story highlights New Zealanders are also voting on two other issues – on legalising recreational cannabis and euthanasia – topics that have split opinions in the country. Prime Minister of New Zealand Jacinda Ardern has admitted previously smoking cannabis in a fiery leaders debate with Judith Collins, her rival for […]

BC grower brings in their largest harvest yet

British Columbia grower celebrates largest harvest yet. Article originally appeared here: A B.C. cannabis farm is about to enjoy the fruits of its labour. SpeakEasy Cannabis Company in Rock Creek, B.C., is currently processing what may be the largest legal outdoor harvest in Canadian, if not North American, history. Workers are expected to collect […]

Cannabis and sleep

Article originally appeared here: Marijuana can be a great tool for sleep. Just talk to friends who smoke weed at night or have who found themselves nodding off in the middle of a party because the herb they smoked was that relaxing. Anecdotal evidence from people with varying degrees of insomnia shows how effective […]

Legalization could add $9 Billion to state coffers

Article originally appeared here Despite a delay in the U.S. House of Representatives vote for a bill that would seek to legalize cannabis at the national level, the legal cannabis market in the U.S. still stands to substantially grow as more states plan to let voters decide whether they want to legalize it. According […]

How weather patterns are affecting cannabis cultivation.

Article originally appeared here: As extreme weather events ravage the country from coast to coast – including wildfires, floods and early freezes – marijuana growers are being forced to reevaluate their risks and consider changes to their cultivation practices. Outdoor marijuana growers, in particular, are vulnerable to severe changes in weather, prompting farmers to […]

Aurora post loss of $3.3 Billion

Article originally appeared here: Canadian marijuana producer Aurora Cannabis reported a net loss of more than 1.8 billion Canadian dollars ($1.4 billion) for its fourth quarter, ending its 2020 fiscal year with a CA$3.3 billion loss. The quarterly loss includes a previously signaled CA$1.6 billion write-down. Net revenue for the quarter ended June 30 […]

British medical journal says it’s time to legalize.

British scientists have called for marijuana legalization.Article originally appeared here British Attitudes towards cannabis products for medicinal use need to change with much greater appropriate use of such products to help alleviate patients’ pain, suggests research published in the journal British MJ Open. Researchers found that hundreds of thousands of British and UK patients […]

Joe Biden and legalization

Article originally appeared here: Just in case you needed the reminder, Election Day is now just 44 days away. Amid the chaos that’s been the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic, tens of millions of Americans around the country will soon head to their local voting booths or mail in their ballots to determine the […]

Is Skunk making a comeback?

I remember Skunk and it’s almost legendary reputation. Article originally appeared here: Super Skunk. (Leafly) Fruity, cake-y, sweet-smelling and tasting products dominate the list of winning weed today. And what’s not to love? Exciting, candy-like flavors have a universal appeal in the cannabis marketplace, delighting connoisseurs and newcomers alike. Despite this trend, a completely […]

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