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This section is for information articles. These articles can include news about the industry, what the big players are up to, articles about Cannabis and more serious topics.

Black and Indigenous people are trying to gain a foothold in the industry

Article originally appeared here: Ashley and Michael Athill, the brother and sister team behind a new Black-owned craft cannabis cultivator called HRVSTR, have had their growing facility in place since May of last year. But up until now, they haven’t been able to grow or sell any product. Located in Ontario’s Durham region, the […]

Covid-19 is a boon for legal marijuana

Article originally appeared here: Canada’s legal marijuana industry is celebrating a jump in sales, more brick-and-mortar stores and competitive pricing as it celebrates two years in business.  Since Canada legalized recreational marijuana on Oct. 17, 2018, legal sellers and producers have struggled to compete with the black market, but there have been recent gains […]

Aurora exits Australian Market

Article originally appeared here: Alberta-based Aurora Cannabis sold off its stake in Australian medical marijuana company Cann Group, but the Canadian producer says it still sees promise in the Australian market. “We continue to see growth potential in this important market and will maintain active relationships with key distribution partners to enhance availability of […]

Alberta growers want sampling tours.

Article originally appeared here: Kieley Beaudry would love patrons to tour her licensed indoor pot patch, sample its produce and purchase their favourite buzz on their way out. If wineries and breweries can do it, she says, Alberta’s legal cannabis producers should have the same right. It’s something the sector has been lobbying for, […]

Wildfires devastate the west coast cannabis industry.

Article originally appeared here: ‘Stillness in the air’ Complete losses to the wildfires Last month, Oregon Senator Ron Wyden and other Oregon Congress members introduced a bill that would allow state-legal cannabis businesses to qualify for disaster recovery programs. Like most cannabis-centric legislation, the bill is expected to face stiff opposition in the Republican-led […]

Pennsylvania court rules the smell of Marijuana is not enough to justify a search.

Article originally appeared here: A Pennsylvania appeals court ruled that the smell of cannabis alone isn’t probable cause to search a vehicle or person. (AdobeStock) ALLENTOWN, Pa. (AP) — A Pennsylvania appeals court reversed a judge’s ruling that state police didn’t have a valid legal reason for searching a car just because it smelled […]

The corporate takeover continues.

Editor’s note* This corporate domination was to be expected but doesn’t make it right. these large corporate entities have the money, resources and ability to absorb losses that we independents do not. Article originally appeared here: One of the largest pharmaceutical companies in Europe, STADA, has signed an exclusive supply agreement with cannabis company […]

Aurora execs lose 3 billion, still get bonuses.

Article originally appeared here: Top Aurora Cannabis executives were rewarded with millions of dollars in bonuses and raises for the fiscal year ended June 30, the company disclosed, despite mass layoffs and a loss exceeding 3 billion Canadian dollars ($2.3 billion). The Alberta-based company disclosed the figures for the fiscal year in a proxy […]

Wildfires causing delays in Cannabis harvest

The record wildfires that have blanketed the West Coast in smoke and ash also have blocked out essential sunlight and set back the growth of outdoor marijuana plants by weeks, leaving growers with less-than-ideal options for when to harvest their plants. Cannabis growers in California, Oregon and Washington state are contemplating two choices in the […]

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