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Treating MS symptoms with cannabis

Humans having been using cannabis recreationally and medically for thousands of years but there has been little scientific research done for treating specific diseases. Thankfully there has been a recent study “Medical cannabis use in Canadians with multiple sclerosis,” which provides some interesting insights. Scientists found that it can help reduce spasticity, improve sleep, and ease […]

How To Store Cannabis Seeds

Seeds background image for Coastal Mary

Everything you need to know about preserving and extending your marijuana seed shelf life.  Guest Post written by Kimberlee Morrison. Cannabis seeds are alive.This might seem obvious, but it’s probably the biggest thing novice growers forget.  Not only is the seed alive, it’s the beginning of everything: Every new plant; every harvest. Whether you’re a […]

Autoflower Seeds and which strain to choose

blueberry autoflower seeds feminised for Coastal Mary Seeds

Introduction Autoflower seeds lead to a unique type of cannabis plants. These are plants that will begin to flower without the grower having to induce flowering. They are renowned for their speed and how fast the finished product is ready. Growing time for autoflowers The big advantage of autoflower seeds is the average growing time […]

Why I Chose Scrogging For My Small-Scale Grow

Northern Scrogger grow for coastal Mary seeds

Today we’ve got a special treat. Northern Scrogger has kindly written a guest post on the basics on scrogging for everyone who wants to try it How is it possible to train a potentially 4-6-foot high indoor plant to be 18-inches tall? And why would you want to do that in the first place? My […]

Women use cannabis to treat menopause symptoms

Article originally appeared here: There are now less than a dozen U.S. states with a complete prohibition on cannabis and that could change next week with five U.S. states having some form of cannabis legalization on the ballot. As more jurisdictions loosen their approach to cannabis, more people are turning toward the plant for […]

Cancer patients share their reasons for use.

Article originally appeared here: Thirty-three Canadian cancer survivors were interviewed for a new study published in Cancer Medicine that sought to uncover the motivating factors influencing their decisions to medicate with, or abstain from, medical cannabis. The individuals were recruited via social media and spanned the country. During telephone interviews with the researchers, they […]

People aren’t buying Government Edibles

Article originally appeared here: The discrepancy between sales of cannabis edibles and inventory in Canada is growing, according to the most recent data from the federal health regulator. In June, roughly 7.8 million packaged units of cannabis edibles were held in stock by federal license holders, provincial distributors and retailers. That compares with sales […]

How to store cannabis

Article originally appeared here: Getty Stocking up for quarantine? You might be doing it wrong. While most people reach for the tried-and-true Ziplock bag when storing cannabis, the static charge in plastic bags and even plastic medicine jars can actually make your bud less potent by gradually stripping it of its trichomes (tiny, THC […]

Canadian cannabis sales top $245 million in August

Original article can be found here: Canadian sales of legal adult-use cannabis grew by 5.2% from July to August, reaching a monthly total of 244.9 million Canadian dollars ($186.9 million). The monthly record for Canadian marijuana sales implies an annualized market worth more than CA$2.9 billion. Statistics Canada’s retail trade data for August tracked […]

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