Cannabis users aren’t stereotypical stoners

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The classic stoner behaviour of getting stoned while sitting on the couch and watching Ren and Stimpy is a myth.

The stereotype of the couch-locked stoner is long gone as Canadians are being more productive with their lives while consuming cannabis.

Commissioned by cannabis brand Figr, a Maru/Blue survey found 72% of Canadians don’t fit the stereotype, choosing to smoke up while performing daily tasks such as laundry or dish washing.

Of those surveyed, 51% of females would consider using cannabis to help them while doing chores while 35% indicated they’d do the same.

The Figr survey suggests that Canadians are finding different ways of integrating cannabis use into their daily lives, in what the company is calling the modern cannabis consumer.

Of those cannabis consumers surveyed, about 71% feel that outdoor activities would be greatly enhanced with the use of cannabis. Enhanced suggested outdoor activities included walks (44%), camping (43%) and hiking (33%). Check out some sativa strains, perfect for outdoor activities.

Six out of 10 Canadians queried (61%) are confident they know and understand the rules of public cannabis consumption.

Of the 72% of Canadians who feel they don’t fit the mould of the stoner stereotype, with fewer Alberta users (66%) feeling the stereotype is outdated compared to their Ontario and British Columbia counterparts (90% and 87% respectively). Has to be said, cultural and geographic differences come into effect here.

So how do Canadians want to feel while under the influence of cannabis? Relaxed is how 78% of those surveyed stated, while 69% felt calm, 55% felt happy, 35% felt creative, 25% felt productive and 25% said energized. All signs of sativa strains

Online is the way to go when it comes to cannabis purchases with 43% of Canadians preferring to go digital rather than traditional brick and mortar stores, according to the Figr study.

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