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Do you ship to Australia?

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Yes we do! We ship via tracked packet international and it takes around 3-4 weeks to arrive. Aussie customs are annoyingly good but we are pretty good at stealth shipping. So far we have no packages caught or go missing.

Right now, It’s coming into the Aussie growing season. If you’re planning an outdoor grow, now is the time to get them in the ground and enjoying the sun.

Some strains do better than others there, mainly due to environmental factors and higher heat.

We would recommend Pineapple Express feminised seeds or Zkittlez feminised seeds

Cannabis acceptance in Australia

Regular cannabis use has become more accepted than smoking tobacco, the latest National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS) has found.

The 2019 data, compiled by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and released on Friday, asked around 20,000 people aged 14 and over about their attitudes towards drugs.

It found, for the first time, 20% of respondents supported regular cannabis use compared to 15% in support of tobacco.

As cannabis became more widely acceptable, more Australians were in favour of greater penalties against tobacco use, in line with falling rates of smokers nationally.

Support for Legalisation

At the same time, a record two in five Australians now support legalising cannabis, an increase of 16% in the past decade.

In some areas, including Sydney, support for legalising cannabis was as high as 60%. Melbourne, 57% thought the drug should be made legal for personal use, while 47% of Brisbane residents were in favour of its legalisation.

ACT, where the drug has been decriminalised since 2020, some 66% of Canberrans supported its legalisation for personal use.

The findings followed a growing global trend in favour of legalising cannabis for recreational use. Some 19 states in the US have legalised the drug, joining a string of nations including Canada, Spain and Uruguay.

They also followed burgeoning support for legalising marijuana at the ballot box. Micro party Legalise Cannabis picked up between 2% and 7% of the Senate vote in the May federal election in most states and the Northern Territory, despite running no advertising during the campaign.

The RMIT associate lecturer and drug policy consultant Jarryd Bartle said reforms that had occurred in the US and around the globe were likely linked to the increasing trend in support of cannabis legalisation in Australia.

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