Cannabis and sleep

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Marijuana can be a great tool for sleep. Just talk to friends who smoke weed at night or have who found themselves nodding off in the middle of a party because the herb they smoked was that relaxing.

Anecdotal evidence from people with varying degrees of insomnia shows how effective cannabis can be for sleep by helping users feel relaxed and allow them to achieve hours of uninterrupted rest.

Despite weed’s sleep-inducing effects, it’s important to understand that the relationship between cannabis and sleep isn’t as clear-cut as many believe.

Here are five things to keep in mind when using marijuana as a sleep aid.


Dosage, along with one’s level of experience with weed, matters when it comes to using the herb before bed. Smoke too little and the user may not feel anyhelpful effects. Smoke too too much and it could lead to a person tossing and turning with weed-induced paranoia. If using marijuana for sleep, try to create a relaxing environment and avoid overstimulation n with too much screen time or alcohol. Pace your marijuana intake and be aware of cues from your body. That will help ensure being equipped to hit the hay at just the right time.

Method of consumption

The way in which weed is consumed will affect how quick or intense the reaction will be. If consuming an edible, allow the body a few hours to experience effects. If vaping or smoking, there will be more control and less planning is necessary.

Type of cannabis matters

Whether consuming a product that’s THC- or CBD-based, or consuming sativas or indicas, it’s important to know that all types of cannabis provide different effects. Indica strains tend to affect the body in relaxing and heavy ways, producing sleepy effects. Still, it doesn’t mean a sativa strain or a hybrid won’t make you sleepy. Weed is a trial-and-error type of substance, so try different options and keep track of what works and what doesn’t.

Weed hangovers

If you’re not much of a night-time marijuana consumer, the groggy feeling that might accompany your experience when waking up can be puzzling. Although said to be less strong and common than regular hangovers, weed hangovers exist. Although not completely understood, these seem to be more likely after consuming low-quality marijuana. To cope with them, be sure to drink a lot of water, eat healthy goods and monitor cannabis intake throughout the day.

Changes in sleep and dreams

One of the most noticeable effects that cannabis has on sleep is the lack of dreams. This appears to be due to cannabis limiting REM sleep, which is the stage of sleep where dreams are likely to occur. Scientific studies have found that REM sleep is important for learning and resting. There’s much that is not understood when it comes to the relationship between cannabis and sleep. It’s important to monitor weed usage and sleep habits, especially if the sleep seems not to be restful or good for you.

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