Canadian Seed Testing Alliance

About the Canadian Seed Testing Alliance

The Canadian Seed Testing Alliance is a new venture that allows breeders of all levels to have their work tested in a public forum by testers of all levels and setups. This allows the breeder to see their work in real time throughout the process. On the other hand, it allows testers to try new strains, give feedback and become more involved in the strain development process.

From their Mission Statement

With the increased recognition of the importance of genetics testing throughout the industry around the world, the CSTA stands to become an extension for breeder developmental processes bringing overall value to their products. Welcome to the Canadian Seed Testing Alliance. A community of likeminded individuals working together towards one common goal; Quality testing and reporting of genetics breeders want to bring to market. Sign up now and help the industry advance in a positive direction and become part of a new breed of genetics testing and verification process with data collection, photo ops, pheno hunting and more…

To join the Alliance, you can sign up on Discord here

CSTA Members

C.S.T.A has a variety of members throughout Canada and the United States.
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