Canadian company launches dispenser & dpods

Dpods – The Keurig of Cannabis

Well it had to happen sooner or later. Djot, based in Toronto, ON have launched a new electronic dispenser that they claim will administer precise doses of liquid extracts.

Called the “Djot Dispenser” this device apparently allows uses to add an accurate amount of cannabis extract to any drink. This is to allow users to know exactly how much cannabis is in their drink.

To carry on with the comparison, they have also launched a series of “dpods” to accompany the dispenser. They are offering a variety of cannabis oils with varying effects. Effects range from body relaxation to more energetic buzzes.

“The accompanying dPods are formulated to cater to everyone’s unique needs throughout the day: a boost between meetings or a relaxing remedy that becomes an evening ritual,” Djot co-founder and president Arjen Melis announced in a company statement.

How does a Dpod work?

Customers can select a dpod, slot it into the dispenser, select the dosage and then add it to their drink of choice. It’s designed to make adding extracts easy and painless. Although I personally have not tried one yet, I am inclined to give it a go.

Are Dpods the first way to do this?

As far as I know, this is the first precise measurement dispenser and especially with disposable pods.

There was another company that produced 3.7mg tablets designed to dissolve in drinks.

Why use Dpod’s?

Research has shown that small doses of THC can be effective as a pain killer while not bringing on the usual other effects. This is good news for people who suffer from chronic pain and are in a situation where smoking/vaping are prohibited. If effective, this could be a discreet way for the user to self-medicate.

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