Buy Cannabis (Marijuana) Seeds in Ontario

Best seeds in Ontario?

You may be looking for one of the best seed banks in Toronto or the surrounding areas of Ontario. Look no further than Coastal Mary Seeds! We have feminised, autoflower and CBD strains. We have excellent customer service and staff standing by to answer any questions you may have. Check out our prices and our monthly special offers to find out more.

Arthritis and Cannabis

Cannabis can help to treat health conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis which causes inflammation and much pain and suffering. CBD and THC can found in the marijuana (weed) plant. Cannabanoid receptors in the body react with CBD and THC to reduce stiffness and inflammation in the body. Cannabis can be a great substitute to addictive pain medication that doctors prescribe.

It has also been known to help with the following ailments.

  • Cancer symptoms
  • PTSD
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Depression
  • Asthma

Is it legal to grow cannabis plants in Ontario?

The laws for growing cannabis are changing quickly across Canada and america. Ontario’s federal government has allowed for adults to hold 30 grams of recreational marijuana under the Canada Cannabis Act. There have been updates since this article was written so please search google for up to date news or follow our blog page.

What type of seeds can I grow?

Coastal Mary carries only the best seeds from across the world. We have many Sativa and Indica strains and different categories of seeds. For beginner growers its always best to get some advice so we recommend emailing us or contacting us immediately using our chat feature located on the right.

The easiest to grow are auto flowers strains which are best for people that have not grown plants before. The are highly resilient plants which do not die easily. You can put them under the light for 20hrs on and 4hrs off and they will flower. The also flower much faster than feminised plants but are smaller in size so they produce less yield.

Some of our best auto-flowers are Blueberry Autoflower and Moby Dick Autoflower.

For more advanced growers we recommend feminised seeds. They grow slower and are more delicate to grow but can produce much bigger plants and greater yields. They can take from four to six weeks in the vegatative stage and then eight to twelve weeks on the flowering stage.

Check out our most popular feminised seeds, Green Crack and White Widow.

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