Cannabis in Canada

Where to buy Cannabis seeds in Canada. Click your province link below.

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Cannabis is legal throughout Canada and every Canadian is allowed to grow four plants for personal use. The only problem with this is that the limit is per household and not per person. Two growers in a household will have to share those four plants. Definitely not ideal but we’re hoping it improves soon.
You can purchase recreational cannabis from dispensaries set up throughout the country. These dispensaries have to be licensed and getting the license can be difficult. It all depends on which city you are in and their own rules.

No matter where you are in Canada you can grow cannabis plants from cannabis seeds. Got some farmland or a nice yard? Perfect for some of our feminized strains, especially White widow, Green Crack or Alien Gorilla Glue.

Got limited space? Try an autoflower! All our autoflowers are feminized and are ideal for limited space grows. If you’ve got a tent, even better. Autos grow to around 3 feet in height and are known for being so fast and easy.

Want to get away from big pharma and do something for yourself? We carry some of the most well known and best rated CBD strains on the market. These are perfect for making CBD oil, tinctures and ointments. You’re only limited by your own research there.

Don’t know where to start or what you need? Contact us. We’re always happy to sit down and chat with people and help them achieve their dreams. We know our seeds and have a wealth of resources to point you towards. Online guides, forums and of course YouTube for visual learners. We want to help you and make you happy and successful with your grow!

You can also check out Weedmaps for a local dispensary.