Cannabis Seeds in California

California highway picture for Coastal Mary cannabis seeds

California is the state most synonymous with Marijuana and cannabis culture. The State legalized recreational use in 2016 by passing the Adult use of Marijuana act. Medical use got approval in 1996. They have been at the forefront of legalization since the early 70’s.

Recreational growing in California

The Adult use of Marijuana act had regulations put in place. Local governments can not prohibit citizens from growing, using or transporting for personal use. Commercial operations are regulated by local and state governments, but the average person can do as they want (within reason).

The climate and weather are ideal for growing and California has become a west coast hub for cannabis strains and growing innovations.

What seeds should I grow in California?

The question here s, what would you like to grow? Almost any seeds will grow there as California has some prime growing real estate. Feminized, autoflower and CBD strains are all reliable growers and will serve the cultivator well. It comes down to factors such as, taste, indica/sativa/ growers level of knowledge and growing either indoor and outdoor.

With saying that, we’re going to show you two potential strains. The first strain is our feminized White Widow. This strain is a classic and known throughout the world.

White Widow feminized Cannabis seeds
White Widow Feminized cannabis plant

White Widow Feminized description.

Probably the world’s most famous strain, White Widow feminised cannabis seeds are used throughout the world as the benchmark for strains.
High THC but with a good level of CBD, this strain is great for most people.

An indica favouring hybrid, this strain packs quite the punch, perfect for relaxing after a hard day.
THC: 24%

CBD: 1.3%

Flowering Time: 8 weeks

The second strain we would recommend is an autoflower. It goes by the name of Bruce Banner autoflower feminized.

Bruce Banner autoflower feminized

SMASH!! You’ll definitely feel it when using this autoflower cannabis strain. Named after the comic book character but the effects are all real.

An indica strain that has been bred into autoflower form for easy growing and to avoid people getting angry waiting, this strain is sure to calm the monster inside.

THC: 22%

CBD: 0.3%

Flowering Time: 9-10 weeks

Bruce Banner autoflower feminized cannabis plant
Bruce Banner autoflower feminized cannabis plant

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