Autoflower Seeds and which strain to choose

blueberry autoflower seeds feminised for Coastal Mary Seeds


Autoflower seeds lead to a unique type of cannabis plants. These are plants that will begin to flower without the grower having to induce flowering. They are renowned for their speed and how fast the finished product is ready.

Growing time for autoflowers

The big advantage of autoflower seeds is the average growing time from seed to harvest is 12-14 weeks (varies by strain). This allows a grower to fit in several harvests per season if growing outdoors. Indoors, autoflowers get to around 3 feet in height and are remarkably space efficient.

Advantages of autos

The main advantages are their speed and how you don’t have to induce flowering. With care, the average person should have no problem growing autoflower seeds. One of the key things to remember is to keep a very limited and reduced feeding schedule.

Disadvantages of autos

Your yield will be lesser than a photo-period plant due to the lack of a veg cycle. They are also very sensitive to over-feeding and we recommend that you do not give any nutrients until around 3 weeks. Due to the fast turn around, mistakes are also hard to recover from due to little recovery time.

So which autoflower seeds to choose?

Autoflower seeds have less variation than photo period seeds. Very similar size and flowering times allows a wealth of choice. It all boils down to a few questions
Are you growing indoors or outdoors? Indoors, pretty much any strain will work for you. It’ll come down to personal taste and which flavor you want.

If you’re growing outdoors there are some follow up questions. Which geographic area are you in? Just like photos, certain autos will do better in certain regions. If you’re unsure, use the live chat to talk to us about recommendations.
If your climate is a little wetter and damper, then strains such as Blueberry and Bruce Banner will thrive.

A drier climate will favor strains such as Skunk and Moby Dick.

We also have a strain called Devil XXL which comes from the original Devil strain. This is an autoflower seed strain specifically bred to increase yields while still retaining the auto speed.

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