Cannabis Seeds in Alaska

Alaska wilderness for Coastal Mary cannabis seeds

Alaska has had legal recreational cannabis use since 2015. Going further back, they have allowed medical use of marijuana since 1998. It was actually legalized in 1975 by Ravin Vs State before being recriminalized in 1990. Since the re-legalization in 2015 Alaskan residents are allowed to grow 6 plants for personal use. Although better than most of the US states, this is a big drop down from the 25 plants that were allowed previously.

Alaska has a colder climate due to it’s closeness to the Arctic circle but hardier strains can grow during the summer. Of course, there’s always indoor grows and autoflowers do well both indoors and outdoors.

Which seeds should I buy in Alaska?

Due to the climate, the short summers and the temperatures, we here at Coastal Mary think that an autoflower strain would do best. Now, there are a variety of good choices so each factor has to be considered. Speed, plant hardiness (cold temperatures can be murder), type and other factors will all come into play. So, we’re confident in recommending a strain called Blueberry autoflower. This strain is almost a rite of passage in Canada and almost all growers have tried growing it at least once.

It’s a tough, hardy strain and fast as hell. The taste reminds you of blueberries, which is where it gets it’s name from.

Blueberry autoflower cannabis plant
An autoflower Blueberry plant from seed

Blueberry autoflower description

The legendary Blueberry is now here in Autoflower form!

These blueberry seeds are sure to delight.

An Indica dominant strain crossed with Ruderalis for easy growing and speed.

Descended from the original DJ Short bred strain, this strain is almost a right of passage for growers.

World famous for it’s pleasing taste and kick, if you’re new to growing there’s no better starting point.

THC: 22%

CBD: 1.1%

Flowering time: 8-9 weeks

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