A brief overview on 7/10 day

7/10 day. What is it?

7/10 day is one of the newer cannabis related holidays. Although it’s still unofficial, it’s growing in popularity more and more each year.

This holiday is called “Dab Day” and comes from taking the word OIL and flipping it upside down

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With the rise in popularity of dabbing and dab blasting, Dab Day as a holiday is becoming more and more popular. Dab Day is not just for dabs though, concentrates like oil, hash, wax etc. are also being celebrated. New and alternative ways of consuming cannabis are celebrated and really emphasizes the multitude and variety of ways cannabis can be used.

It’s a modern holiday for modern people. It’s also a hell of a good time but not for the faint of heart. When attending my first dab day, I spent quite a few hours in a beautiful daze, just taking it all in. I had very little dab experience at the time and it was a real eye-opener.

How did National Dab Day/710 day start?

Dab day is not as old as other holidays such as 420. It seems to have started popping up around 2012 with the birth of the 7/10 cup. As more and more states in the USA have legalised, concentrates became more and more popular. With this growth in popularity, dab day started gaining traction. Cannabis aficionados began showing modern techniques and technology in search of the best hit. This growth in tech, led to growth in concentrate use, which turned back around to new technology.

What strains are good for dabbing?

Certain strains are better for creating dabs. Strains with a higher resin and trichome content work better.

Two we would recommend are

White Widow feminized Cannabis seeds
White Widow Feminized cannabis plant
Zkittlez feminized for Coastal Mary Seeds
Zkittlez feminized for Coastal Mary Seeds

Both strains produce large amounts of resin and can be pressed into some awesome dabs!

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