Cannabis Seeds in Alabama

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Alabama does not have full cannabis legalization. First time possession of cannabis is classified as a misdemeanor. However Alabama does have some provisions for medical marijuana use. Two pieces of legislation, Carly’s Law (2014) and Leni’s law (2016) allow the use of CBD oil for the treatment of seizures.

There was a previous efforts to expand medical cannabis use in 2015, but the bill was defeated. In more recent times, 2019, a bill was introduced to reduce penalties for marijuana possession and use and is currently on the way to the Senate Floor.

What seeds should I choose for Alabama?

AL has a pretty good climate for growing so you’re almost spoiled for choice. It all really depends on your personal favorite and what you’re growing for. Do you want an indica or a sativa? Growing indoors or outdoors? Is yield a factor? All of these are important questions to ask yourself.

Since AL has a medical marijuana program, perhaps you want to grow a CBD heavy strain? CBD seeds will grow plants with less THC and are generally used for medicinal purposes. It can help with the symptoms of arthritis and cancer. 
One of our most popular CBD seeds is Harlequin.

Harlequin is a sativa dominant, High CBD and low THC strain. Recommended you grow outdoors as this plant can get very big, very fast. Average height is around 8-10 feet tall but make no mistake, it can get bigger if you want it to.

Harlequin CBD feminized cannabis plant
Harlequin CBD Feminized cannabis plant

Harlequin Description

One of the most famous High CBD/Low THC strains out there. This 75% Sativa Cannabis Strain is renowned for the positive effects it has on Body and Mind.

The low THC means you won’t experience a buzz but with the High CBD you’ll receive all the other positive effects.

THC: 1%

CBD: 18%

Flowering time: 10-12 weeks

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